Curiosity (Aluminum Print)
Curiosity (Aluminum Print)
Curiosity (Aluminum Print)

Curiosity (Aluminum Print)

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Background of the Photograph

This award winning photograph of a curious green sea turtle was taken in the crystal clear waters of Hawai'i in May of 2017 by Kyler Badten.

Photographer's Statement

"My freedive parter and I were surrounded by green sea turtles feeding on algae that washed out from the rocky shoreline on Oahu's North Shore. I turned to see this turtle swimming directly at me, which was a truly remarkable behavior that I have never experienced before. As I set up to capture the unique encounter, the curious turtle saw her reflection and continued to slowly approach until nearly bumping my dome!" 

- Kyler Badten

Raising Awareness

The Hawaiian green sea turtle was on the brink of extinction before being protected by the Endangered Species Act of 1973. Despite a global decline in sea turtle populations, the Hawaiian green sea turtle has made a significant comeback with a population increase of 53% over the last 25 years. (NOAA Fisheries)