About Terracene

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Terracene Team

Kyler Badten
Photographer & Creative Designer - Ping Pong Guru
Brody Perrine
Director of Strategy and Innovation
Dave Hammack
Director of Conservation
Keith Badten
Chief Financial Officer


Hannah Gabrielson
Photographer | Freediver | Wildlife Advocate
Nikki Young
Freediver | Shark Advocate
Craig Gabrielson
Alpinist | Scuba Diver | Wildlife Advocate
Tanner Mansell
Photographer | Ocean Advocate
Janelle Van Ruiten
Free Diver | Ocean Advocate

Environmental Responsibility


Our Mission

Terracene’s mission is to offer a variety of dependable, low environmental impact products, with precise production and design that caters to a healthy future for both humans and the natural world. Our primary objectives are to INSPIRE through design and imagery, EDUCATE communities on the importance of healthy oceans and the pressing issues facing them, and create positive ACTION through policy, coastal cleanups, and the development of marine sanctuaries around the world.


At Terracene, we aim to inspire others through imagery and design in pursuit of creating empathy for the amazing life our underwater world holds. Whether it's congregating whale sharks off the eastern coast of Mexico, or brilliantly colored coral colonies in the Northern Red Sea, we want people to look deep into our imagery and imagine themselves in the frame, experiencing that captured moment. When people are connected on that level, a curiosity, and maybe even empathy for a particular creature can begin to develop.


We believe that someone who is intrigued, inspired, or even empathetic towards an animal will seek further knowledge of that particular creature. Through conversation, youth outreach, education stations at beach cleanups, and social media, we hope to progress that interest by providing healthy doses of scientific facts, information regarding pressing ocean issues, and ways to help combat the declining health of ocean ecosystems.


Action is the final step in our mission to create positive change for our oceans. Here are some simple ways to become an active ocean steward:

*Avoid single-use plastics
Participate in ocean cleanups
*Reduce meat consumption
*If you eat marine life, buy from your local spear or cast line fishermen
*Have civil and informative conversations about the state of our environment
*Support companies and grassroots nonprofits that are fighting to protect our oceans