Pelagic (Photo Print)
Pelagic (Photo Print)
Pelagic (Photo Print)

Pelagic (Photo Print)

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Background of the Photograph

This photograph of a sailfish was taken in the pelagic waters off of Isla Mujeres, Mexico in July of 2017 by Kyler Badten.

Photographer's Statement

"Isla Mujeres is a magnet for divers all around the world because of its massive congregation of whale sharks during the summer months. Our boat was surrounded by gentle giants when, out of the blue, this juvenile sailfish swims by for a quick glance at me and the rest the divers in the water. You never know what might show up while diving pelagic waters!"
- Kyler Badten

Raising Awareness

Sailfish are known to be the fastest fish in the ocean, reaching speeds up to 70mph! Although the sailfish is not listed as endangered, some species of large fish have been diminished by 90-95% in the last 50 years. Their tough meat leaves them off the menu in many circumstances. However, sailfish are targeted by trophy fisherman all over the world.